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We specialize in quality orthodontic care for adults and children. We offer a variety of services and office hours for your convenience.The following are types of orthodontic treatment Guidry Orthodontics offer:

Comprehensive (full) Treatment
All teeth and orthodontic conditions are addressed with no break during the course of treatment

Two-Phase Treatment
Phase 1: addresses limited, specific orthodontic goals earlier than comprehensive treatment in order to eliminate or lessen orthodontic conditions that would become more complicated and difficult to treat if addressed only in the future.

Phase 2: Occurs approximately 1-year after completion of Phase 1, corrects those remaining orthodontic conditions which could not be addressed in Phase 1. Phase 2 is not always, but often necessary.

One-Arch Treatment
Addresses either all upper or all lower teeth only, usually because the other arch has no significant orthodontic condition to correct.

Partial Treatment
Addresses certain teeth only within one dental arch.

The following are types of orthodontic appliances that Guidry Orthodontics offer:

  • Removable Appliances
  • Traditional Metal Braces
  • Esthetic Ceramic (Tooth-Colored) Braces
  • Essix or Invisible appliance
  • Please contact us by phone to schedule an appointment for a consultation and evaluation.

    What to expect on your first visit to Guidry Orthodontics:
    Our objective is to make sure your visits with us will be pleasant and informative. Your initial appointment will consist of an examination and a discussion of potential treatment options and will take approximately one hour. This important visit will address the orthodontic needs of you or your child. A thorough explanation of the orthodontic condition and possible treatment options will be discussed with you. You will also be given a brief written summary of what to expect , in general, during orthodontic treatment and the potential risks involved. We always schedule adequate time to completely answer all of your questions. A written summary of our finding and recommendations, along with diagnostic photographs, will be provided to you and your family dentist in the near future. In addition, any questions regarding cost of treatment and financial options will be discussed.

    One of three outcomes will be determined at this first visit:

  • Treatment is not needed for you or your chid, with no further visits necessary
  • Treatment will be needed in the future, and we will continue to monitor you or your child on a recall basis
  • Treatment for you or your child is needed now
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